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Upcoming Events

  • Wed 10/21 - City of Lost Children at the Palm for Palm Wednesday's
  • Fri 10/23 - Astro Boy at SLO's Downtown Centre. A Classic cartoon brought back to life
  • Fri 10/30 - The Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn Pre-Halloween Party at Eryn's House. Contact me for more information
  • Fri 11/13 - The Fantastic Mr. Fox at the Big Fremont. Wes Andersons's (The Royal Tenenbaums, Rushmore, The Life Aquatic, etc.) latest
  • Fri 11/20 - The Big Lebowski screening at my house. Before spending time with our families for Thanksgiving come enjoy a cult classic with close friends and have a fun time. Contact me for more information
  • More dates TBD

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This site is run by Gregg Paleo. A little about me: I am a student at Cuesta College with a passion for cinema. I also enjoy web designing and group events. I started this website to get the community together to see and discuss movies with people who share a common interest.

Members are from all over SLO county. We cater mainly to SLO, it having the most theatres, members, and independent films, but this site is not limited to SLO.

Contact Info

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Gregg Paleo
PO BOX 485
Atascadero, CA

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