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My name is Gregg Paleo. Starting in 2009, I decided to pursue an education and career in web design, which was always a hobby and interest of mine. In Fall of 2009, I enrolled in a Flash class. Learning Flash introduced me early on to the most complex Adobe software. I learned XHTML in 2009 as well, and created two sites using only XHTML.

While designing sites, I began wondering what more I could achieve with type, layout, color, and images. The answer was graphic design. In 2010 I enrolled in Patty Arnold's graphic design class. Here is where I learned the importance of typography in communicating, color schemes, and layout technique. I have realized how much I enjoy making art in this way.

This is how Still Evolving came to be. We specialize in web design, graphic design, and Flash - all of which are still evolving.